Zehn Minuten Mozart (ten minutes of Mozart)

Silhouette by Lotte Reiniger (1930)

live music: Zehnminuten [2006] by Jeff Kowalkowski, performed by IzP



duration: 10'



commissioned by city of Augsburg / Germany for Mozartfestival 2006



(first performed: march 17th 2006, Augsburg / Germany)



Jeff (*1967) lives in Chicago, his hometown.  His music is a melting pot of different cultures and listeners have described his music as “eclectic” from his earliest works as a teenager.  In his scores there are graphic elements and traditional notation, performance and theatrical activities are often essential components of his music, atonality shifts to sugar-sweet, cheezy wellness-jazz-breathed on kitsch-tone, often unexpected classic-romantic textures, mixed up in a bizarre way with memories of sentimental pop-music, everything vacuum-imbued by avantgarde-sounds. All these facets of artistic expression skills bubble relaxed and easygoing out of him. Fondly we gave him the title MASTER OF BAD TASTE.


ZEHNMINUTEN is the seventh piece that Jeff has written for us, following his earlier efforts CUT UP OR SHUT UP, ANCHOR, #372, WESBETH, PROOSLA, and Mozart K. 300 Variations. After so many collaborations with him, we dared him to give in to our area of specialization by writing silent film music for us. 


[translated by Sven, supported by Jeff Kokwalkowski, photo and video published by courtesy of Christel Strobel, Agentur für Primrose Film Prod., Munich / Germany]






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