for three musicians (no instruments specified)
by Marko Ciciliani [2001]


duration: 30'00

[first performance of the version for InterZone Perceptible: Korzo Theater Den Haag/Niederlande within the scope of "Alte Musik in neuem Jäckchen, neue Musik nackt", 24-5-2002]

Right from the start we were particularly struck by Marko’s instrument and his live performance. What he uses is an ordinary multi-channel mixing console which generates acoustic feedback and an independent acoustic existence by connecting and overloading diverse in- and outputs. Marko has found out how to control such entities although not all moves are precisely predictable which makes the whole process very exciting. “TRAVELOGUES“  is performed by the trio Marko with his no-input-mixer and Interzone perceptible.


[translated by Gordon Stephan]


He wrote about his piece:

The piece uses a CD-recording as its score. The CD contains four tracks that the musicians play along to. There are no direct instructions, the musicians are however supposed to create an idiomatic translation of the CD-recording. Throughout the piece the musicians listen to the acoustic score via headphones with low volume, so they can hear the CD as well as what the other musicians play. Here the CD is not audible for the audience. Interzone perceptible plays "Travelogues" in a special version for electrified accordion, electric bass and "no input mixer" [played by myself]. In this version the audience hears the CD-recording and the musicians in turns.
TRAVELOGUES is dedicated to Jeff Kowalkowski.