for bowed electric bass and accordion with Loop-sampling
by André O. Möller (2004)


commisioned by Interzone perceptible


duration: ~70'


[first performed: sept. 19th 2004 within the scope of "Good Gut Friedrichstein, die Erste", Sankt Augustin / NRW (Germany)]


To make the music of André (*1962 in Duisburg) work, all pitches have to be intonated exactly to the cent, a task that no other composition demanded of us. Matthias bows exact pitches beyond the equal tempered scale on his electric bass using a tuning device. Combined with the equal tempered accordion, pitches emerge in the performance space that stem from neither instrument.

André wrote the following about his composotional approach:


These sounds often exist for quite a while in space, the development is moderately slow to very slow.  I like to encourage the audience to move about freely in the performance space. The listeners determine their own proximity and perspective to the sound, and can "envision"aurally its spatial nature. I create a situatuon without the classical separation in stage room and audience room. Rescinding the illusion that everyone can experience the same as the next person allows for a more autonomous and lustful approach to music and sound for each individual.


[translated by Michael Rook]