[InterZone Perceptible, conceptional improvisation, 2000]


duration: 30'


[first performed: dedication of EarPort Duisburg/Germany, march 18th 2000]


VERKLEBTE SCHICHTEN (glued layers) was created for a happening in a four story staircase, in which four concerts were performed simultaneously by four groups/soloists each placed on their own floor. The simultaneous performance lasted for 30 minutes and was started and ended by a gong. During the performance the audience could move freely between the floors of the staircase. None of the performers knew  prior to the begin of the performance which repertoire the others would play. A 50m (150ft) long microphone cable and a composed time-schedule were part of our concept, with which we armed ourselves and walked through the staircase, recording the others together with the accoustic reactions of the audience to then work with the data live - electronically.


[translated by Michael Rook]