An Andalusian Dog (Un chien andalou)

[silent film, Luis Bunuel, 1928]

live music: Frühstücksei auf Seehundbrötchen bei TV-Predigt. HÜAHH! by IzP [2005]


duration: 15'


(first performed: june 01st 2005, Essen / Germany)


This is it: film with eyes!

In addition, there are horses in a piano, a hand without a human, a hand with human and ants, odd facial hair, desire and death, etc.

Buñuel’s first work is a network of attacks on bourgeois society that can only be conveyed through the viewing of the film — a surreal cinema with shock effects and breakings of taboos that still remains timely.


[text: Peter Ellenbruch / Scopium, translated by Eric Flesher / USA]