Secrets of a Soul

[silent film, G.W. Pabst, Germany 1926]

live-music: Druckkammer [2009] by IzP


duration: 80'


(first performed: june 03rd 2009, Essen / Germany)




Martin Fellmann, plagued by anxieties, visits a psychotherapist. Bit by bit, as his subconscious is unfolded, his torments take on organized forms. Although it is clear that a Freudian psychoanalysis in the form of a film presumably can not be a medically adequate form of presentation, that’s not the concern here: the idea of psychoanalysis is just the inspiration for marvelous images. The film penetrates into Fellman’s mind, with fantastical images projecting their innermost anxieties onto the screen. 




The musical “pressure chamber” follows the same thoughts, namely crawling into the mind, removing layer from layer, until finally the most delicate layer of the unconscious — that tiny space that lies at its very depths — is reached. The physical pressure in the body and the acoustical nearness to the operational noise of the body give birth to muffled, muted tone colors. These take the listener on a trip through Fellmann’s dream images that might resemble a look into one’s own ruin. This is artistically somewhat reminiscent of David Lynch and also of David Cronenberg, and even (from the standpoint of compositional technique) a bit reminiscent of Morton Feldman.


Music for amplified accordion, electric bass, live electronics, keyboards, and prerecorded sound.





[translated by Eric Flesher / USA]


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