L'Age d'Or

[film, Luis Bunuel, 1930]

live-music: Frohe Bleinacht [2005] by IzP


duration: 70'


(first performed: dec 07th 2005, Essen / Germany)


In his second film, Buñuel stays true to the style of “Un Chien Andalou”. This time, there are scorpions, the laying of a foundation stone a couple in the mud, city views, a cow in bed, desire and death, etc. In addition, dogs, beetles, violins, and even Jesus Christ appear. Through the use of montage, the director creates a surreal film space with its own legitimacy and connections, a space in which one has the opportunity to view societal (and cinematic) conventions from a unique perspective. In addition he had chosen a compilation of musical works that belonged to the general knowledge of the educated classes. Alongside the film, this totally inoffensive music evokes pure provocation. In 2005, IP conveys this tensional relationship between music and film in 21st-century terms through the use of current sound phenomena and modes of perception, without avoiding triviality and unprofessionalism.


[text: Scopium / Peter Ellenbruch + IzP, translated by Eric Flesher / USA]