The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

(Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari)

(silent film, Robert Wiene [1919])

live-music: <- enslaved 1726[ by IzP [2000/2011]



duration: 78'

(first performed: june 26th 2000, Bonn / Germany)


The year is 1920, and “You must become Caligari!” appears on the advertising pillars of Berlin. Underneath are two knotted hands. For details, one would have to go to the movies, where a reputed madman would tell of his fiancée, of the fair, of a sleepwalker, of murder, of kidnapping, and of Dr. Caligari, the demonic actor, scientist, and doctor.  


[text: Peter Ellenbruch / Scopium]


Caligari “... is accessed through a music ... that reads the film like a strange, alternative form of graphic score that already embeds the sounds that, 80 years later, musicians would conjure forth with their highly developed instrumentation: hallucinatory voices, swirling, Wagner-like murmuring and humming, and attacks that are at the boundary of the rational act of hearing.”

[text: Bernhard Stirner, MusikTexte 94] 

Music for amplified accordion, electric bass, live electronics, prerecorded sound, metal chimes, screams and whispers, sampling, toy megaphone, noise generator, and plastic rattle.


[translated by Eric Flesher / USA]


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