by Michael Maierhof

commissioned by Interzone perceptible

duration: 16'

Michael (*1956) mainly writes for traditional concert-instruments and transforms them via uncommon playing techniques into complete new instruments. In SUGAR 3 Matthias doesn't pluck or bow the strings of his electric bass, but he puts the strings in oscillation by using tumblers, Tupperware containers, cardboard rolls and a milk foamers. The originating uncommon sounds are a mixture of the strings' sound and the used item's own sound. Among other things sound spectrums rise with - for an electric bass - uncommon high frequencies. These sounds will not be amplified via the bass-intern pickups, but with two microphones. Sven's accordion sounds via the speakers two or three octaves lower, albeit with side effects, comprising misinterpretations of the responsable effect pedal which add a new sound quality to the accordion's.