a 5-seconds-piece by Gerhard Stäbler [2002]


duration: 5"


[first preformed: Lichthof der Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe within the scope of the Multi-Media-Happening "Minutes only", jan. 18th.2003]

In the summer 2002, we had the idea of a project. It was the question: Is it possible for a composer to express his musical identity convincingly within an extremely limited duration and with an additional instruction from us? All composers were set the task to write a piece of 5 seconds duration (maximum!) and "as cruel as possible, trash, hardcore, punk" for electrified accordion, electric bass and live electronics, with or without voice, composition, conceptual improvisation, performance, CD-playback. At the same time each of the pieces is more than just a statement, a mere musical fingerprint of the composer - each composition develops its completely individual form and is complete in its’ self.


And it works.


A miniature instrumental theatre piece that sounds like all of Gerhard Stäbler's work wrapped up in a nutshell: The electrified accordion lies wide open on a desk. The bass player plays a cluster on the left side of accordion using his foot while the accordionist on the right hand side plays a cluster glissando with his forehead. Thus the two sides of the accordion are pushed together: An unusual technique producing unusual sound. The electric bass is recorded beforhand and played back.



KOPFFÜSSLER is after GIFT·GELB the second piece Gerhard has written for us.