chronological permuted CD-Playback-Performance

a 5-seconds-piece by Sven Hermann [2003]

duration: 5"

[first performed: Science Fiction Film Festival "Utopiales" in Nantes / France, nov 07th 2003]

In the summer 2002, we had the idea of a project. It was the question: Is it possible for a composer to express his musical identity convincingly within an extremely limited duration and with an additional instruction from us? All composers were set the task to write a piece of 5 seconds duration (maximum!) and "as cruel as possible, trash, hardcore, punk" for electrified accordion, electric bass and live electronics, with or without voice, composition, conceptual improvisation, performance, CD-playback. At the same time each of the pieces is more than just a statement, a mere musical fingerprint of the composer - each composition develops its completely individual form and is complete in its’ self.

And it works.

Sven wrote about his piece:

FILE ... the criminal case file ... records of the deed ... different interpretations and conclusions: First the criminal is the aggressor and the victim is the victim: the criminal acts -> the victim reacts [screams [with fear, surprise] ... shock ... defends herself ... successfully ... the criminal becomes the victim [maybe she even regrets her failed attempt ... becomes the victim again]. The original victim appears to be saved. Within music as a medium, these oscillating interpretations are abstracted and generalised ... split between two musicians ... The five parts of the deed are described twice with reversed roles [thus ten actions of 0.5 seconds]. The result is a triangular relation between musicians and audience, hardly controllable with respect to emotions because the missing synchronicity of acoustic and visual actions [both have been permutated against each other] as well as the choice of sounds and gesture makes the story tip into the grotesque. Musicians and audience, both can be and become victim and aggressor at any time ... Can you laugh about a robbery?