by Kunsu Shim [2000]

commissioned by IzP

duration: 12'00


[first performed: Bühl/Baden (Germany) within the scope of "Schroffe Kanten", nov 25th 2000] 



The sound events in Kunsu's [*1958 in Seoul/Korea] works give the impression of transient moments, they focus the attention onto something transient, that does not become an object.

He wrote about his piece:


a silent swaying breath - like some other compositions of mine - consists of a group of notes that rises is regular steps, often interrupted by a long silence. The notes are short and soft and often come from a constellation while playing that keeps them unstable with regard to pitch and colour. "a silent swaying breath" is a synthesis of pulse and breath, of rigidity and gentleness, of something clear and at the same time obscure. a silent swaying breath was composed for sven hermann and matthias hettmer.