by Jeffrey Kowalkowski [2001]


commissioned by Interzone perceptible

duration: 7'00

[first performed: BKA Berlin / Germany within the scope of "schroffe kanten II", nov. 20th 2001]


Jeff (*1967) lives in Chicago, his hometown.  His music is a melting pot of different cultures and listeners have described his music as “eclectic” from his earliest works as a teenager.  In his scores there are graphic elements and traditional notation, performance and theatrical activities are often essential components of his music, atonality shifts to sugar-sweet, cheezy wellness-jazz-breathed on kitsch-tone, often unexpected classic-romantic textures, mixed up in a bizarre way with memories of sentimental pop-music, everything vacuum-imbued by avantgarde-sounds. All these facets of artistic expression skills bubble relaxed and easygoing out of him. Fondly we gave him the title MASTER OF BAD TASTE.

#372 is after CUT UP OR SHUT UP and ANCHOR the third piece Jeff has written for us.


He wrote about his piece:

#372 is straight-ahead, old-fashioned four-part writing. #372 B and C are orchestrated specifically for Interzone perceptible [accordion and bass]. #372 A was orchestrated by Interzone perceptible. #372 ends abruptly on the half cadence because I was writing it during the morning of September 11, 2001 and was interrupted by television images from NYC.


[translated by Sven, supported by Jeff Kowalkowski]