by Antoine Beuger [2001]

commissioned by InterZone Perceptible

duration: 40'00 - 60'00

[first performed: local music Berlin / Germany within the scope of "in stillen räumen I", nov. 18th 2001]


Antoine (*1955 in Oosterhout/NL) is a composer of silence. He, as the creator of his music, hardly does anything, leaves the sounds raw and most often on the edge of audibility. The few decisions he makes are unique though, and his writing is unmistakeably unique which in turn qualifies him as a grand master. His music touches something indescribable.


He wrote about his piece:


"rien n'aura eu lieu que le lieu" [stéphane mallarmé, un coup de dés]
"nothing but the place will have happened at the place"
is it possible to find a way to where nothing happens [any more]? where everything has found rest?
only after everything was over, it became quiet.


[translated by Gordon Stephan and Michael Rook]