accordion with electronics and electric bass with electronics
by Marko Ciciliani [2001/02]


duration: 25'00

[first performed: Theater de Kikker Utrecht / Netherlands within the scope of "fressen und gefressen werden", may 7th 2002]


Marco fascinated us right from the start mainly with his instrument that he performs live. He uses a regular multi-channel mixing board that takes on an individual accoustic existence through patching together various out- and inputs and creating feedback by sending hot signals through them. Marco has learned how to control these idiosyncracies, although not all actions are exactly predeterminable- a fact that makes the entire effort very exciting. We are his "No-Input-Mixer" in DINDON and he controls our almost barely predictable behavior.


[translated by Michael Rook]


He wrote about his piece:

Dindon was composed on request of Interzone perceptible and developed in close collaboration with it. The ultimate form of the piece is determined by the musicians. It contains 7 main sections per player that can be performed in any order. These sections are connected with each other by so-called "interzones", segments in which the musicians have to play according to verbal instructions, having a great amount of freedom in the interpretation.