a 5-seconds-piece by Man Bang Yi [2003]

[first performed: Kultursommer Oldenburg / Germany, july 06th 2003]


duration: 5"

In the summer 2002, we had the idea of a project. It was the question: Is it possible for a composer to express his musical identity convincingly within an extremely limited duration and with an additional instruction from us? All composers were set the task to write a piece of 5 seconds duration (maximum!) and "as cruel as possible, trash, hardcore, punk" for electrified accordion, electric bass and live electronics, with or without voice, composition, conceptual improvisation, performance, CD-playback. At the same time each of the pieces is more than just a statement, a mere musical fingerprint of the composer - each composition develops its completely individual form and is complete in its’ self.

And it works. 


DASSOT HANNAH is a souvenir we brought back from our South -Korea tour in 2003. The composer Man Bang Yi, whom we met in Seoul and requested a 5-second-piece from, gave us a folder consisting of five coloured drawings in DIN-A3 size (11X17 in.). He left it up to us to use all five drawings, in whichever order, or to decide on one. We chose a mainly dark-blue drawing and called it  DASSOT HANNAH (DASSOT is "5" in Korean and HANNAH means "1") because the drawing is one of five and the duration of the corresponding piece is five seconds in length.


[translated by Michael Rook]