(Soundscape ]Musique en tapisserie[ by IP 2001)

duration: 80'00

[first performed: local music Berlin / Germany within the scope of "in silent rooms I", nov 18th 2001]


CUT UP OR SHUT UP, feature length instrumetal theatre in two acts for accordion, electric bass, 4 female background vocal choir, electronics and lights, composed for us by Jeff Kowalkowski…from the two shows in Kunstwerkstatt am Hellweg in Bochum/Germany in feb. 23rd and 25th 2001 we dissolved out all the scenes with the designation “10 chords and durations”, entitled by us with SIRENS. JEFFREY AND THE SIRENS is now a removal of Kowalkowski’s piece…transformed sirens-material with the intention, gently swoshing a room, restrained like wallpaper. Anytime the listener has the possibility to chime in/out of the acoustic happening, without loss of information, without having missed anything, a split second of time.

The term MUSIQUE EN TAPISSERIE (=wallpaper music) came from Erik Satie. It means a restrained soundscape, without formal processes, without beginning and without ending. It is a perception like viewing wallpaper or furniture in a chamber - In Satie’s words: MUSIQUE D'AMEUBLEMENT.


[translated by Sven with support by Jeff Kowalkowski]