VideoSoundInstalation [for 4 Random-CD-Players and a 5"-looped film sequence]
by InterZone Perceptible [2002]


duration: variable

[world premier: Bühl/Baden(Germany) within the scope of kopfHörer/experimentelle musik elektrovisuell, may 7th.2002]

The musical starting point of this VideoSoundinstallation is the playback CD for a scene of the same title from Jeff Kowalkowski's surreal musical performance event cut up or shut up. The video part uses the timespan 1:28-1:33 of the "cut up or shut up" video version by Interzone perceptible that is shown as a loop throughout installation time. Like in Jeffrey and the sirens [Soundscape]Musique en tapisserie[ 2001] by Interzone perceptible, the work of Jeff Kowalkowski is used as raw material, his compositional work is separated from its context to create something new. From the Kowalkowski-material samples of varying duration are selected and electronically modified without making them unrecognisable. The edges of the samples are changed in a way that they can be combined in different ways so that the random playback of four CDs will not lead to a simultaneous pile-up of samples, but - like in Holstenwall [VideoSoundinstallation for 4 random-CD-players with camera, 2002] by Interzone perceptible - to an always renewing organic landscape of sound with constantly fluctuating density.

PRÉLUDE is dedicated to Jeff Kowalkowski.