[silhouette film, Lotte Reiniger, Germany 1935]

live music: Psittakose [2006] by IzP

commissioned by city of Augsburg / Germany for Mozartfestival 2006


duration: 11'

(first performed: march 17th 2006, Augsburg / Germany)


With our music PSITTAKOSE (medical term for the parrot disease) we took a look on PAPAGENO in an extreme subjective way. From our point of view it seems that the stuff is quite different to the telling of Papageno Mozart's ZAUBERFLÖTE. Something is not quite right with this Papageno, but the question is what?

[translated by Sven, supported by Jeff Kokwalkowski, photo and video published by courtesy of Christel Strobel, Agentur für Primrose Film Prod., Munich / Germany]